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Critters & Creatures

Elk. Wiped out and extinct before 1900. They were reintroduced and are now managed, as they bounced back so strongly their numbers became encumbering.

Fox Squirrels. These cute little critters are all over North America with different varieties in different regions and they're certainly no stranger to the Ozarks. You'll also see their cousins, the gray squirrel.

Deer. In particular, the white-tailed, are in abundance throughout the Ozark Plateau and managed as their numbers can become quite large.

Rabbits. Many varieties of rabbits propagate quite nicely throughout the region, while others struggle. One such species, the Cottontail, is plentiful in the Ozarks, but are low in number elsewhere within North America.

Wild Turkey. The wild gobbler is so plentiful in the Ozarks, many enjoy hunting them for both the sport and their holiday feasts. The wild turkey is considered a game bird.

Great Horned Owl. Like other critters and creatures within the Ozarks, these rather imposing "fowl figures" are easily spotted throughout the region.

Bald Eagle. During their migration periods, many birds including the bald eagle, enjoy a brief stop over in the Ozark Plateau. The residents and many tourists enjoy their visits as well!

The wildlife mentioned above are certainly not alone in the Ozarks. Some of their neighbors might be raccoons, white-footed mouse, opossums, otter, mink, eastern chipmunk, beaver, short-tailed shrew, quail and numerous species of birds, with yet many other species of animals also calling the Ozarks home.

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